Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old shed

More from yesterdays class. This old shed was a lovely subject to do in pencil, although I still think I like pen better.
Terribly hot and humid today, about 39 degrees C by the back door in the shade, but there is a cool change trying to push through.
Thank you to all who commented so nicely on last nights post, and I am sorry I cant send some of our heat over to you but truly I dont think you would want it.
I have tidied up the guest room and made the bed, tidied stuff off the other guest bed in my work room, but now I need to find the floor!
Made the cold cucumber and leek soup for tonight, 7 of us get together each year for New Years Eve and who ever's house it is does the main and the rest bring entree or dessert and befores, I forgo entree in favour of cold soup.
This Haiku by Teitoku was a bit apt today, not that it is autumn!
No wonder today
all the men need
mid-day naps...
Oh that Autumn moon!

Happy New Year.

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