Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hanson Bay

This is a bit fast and splodgy but is a little like lovely Hanson bay.
We made the long trip along the south coast road to possibly fish but the tide wasnt right so we just walked and I did a very quick impression of it all.
I would love to catch the absolute blue and clarity of it but limited time and lets face it, lack of ability mean I cant.
It is amazing how far it is, about 139 kms from here.
Off for a pre dinner drink looking out over the bay here, only one more night after tonight, I dont want to think about it!
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Dubois said...

This is a lovely painting. A quick impression is sometimes best. Have a good day. Boxing Day morning here and the sun in shining in East Anglia. I feel inspired to do a quick drawing too now. Thank you.

annie said...

What a lovely group of paintings you have been sharing with us,lately, especially this one.