Saturday, December 12, 2009

Naughty hen

I went up to feed the hens this afternoon and left the door a tiny bit open while I filled the water up and one wandered out, normally they just peck around my feet but this one decided to have fun with me and shot off at a great rate with me in pursuit as the old male pug loves killing chooks,you wouldnt think they could but they do so he normally is kept well away from them, so he went off after her as well and there she was trying to fly squawking and carrying on as she went. I did finally manage to round her up, after shutting Tuppy, the dog away.
Such silly things but I do like the eggs they give me, but drawing them! I still havent got the knack. I suppose if I had time I should go up and practice when they are out but at this time of the year!!
I managed to wrap a few presents this morning after going in to the farmers market and I finished another bracelet. Only about 2 more of those to go but will I have the time.
I felt quite wicked this afternoon doing the bracelet and watching the Kirov Ballets tribute to Nijinsky, I only saw the Polotskian (?) dancers and the Firebird, I missed the other two, but the costumes and the dancers were so lovely. I saw both of these ballets here in Australia as a teenager and have loved ballet ever since, I once thought I might like to be a ballet dancer but my toes were not right and I am sure I would never have had the dedication. Unfortunately I dont see it these days, it is so expensive and would mean a night in Adelaide.
Shiki is the writer of tonight's Haiku
Enviable leaves,
so beautiful
just before falling...


Robyn said...

Penny, I think your chook sketches are wonderful! I'm trying to learn to draw them myself. Have been given a fantastic book 'Extraordinary Chickens' by photographer Stephen Green-Armytage. So I'm painting chooks from his photos for practice but can't post them on my blog for copyright reasons. I'm hoping I will become familiar enough to go and sketch some from life at a friend's farm.

It is tragic that ballet, opera and theatre has become so, so expensive. While I appreciate that the government supports the companies, unfortunately they only benefit those who can afford to go.

Wanda said...

Chickens are a favorite of mine. We once raised them for the eggs also.

Gwen Buchanan said...

I miss keeping chickens.. Too many foxes here... and I love their personalities and their adaptability...

fun drawings... glad you caught your silly feathered friend...

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Drawing chooks and roosters is fun but I cannot touch birds!
The ballet program - I watched it too. The best one was the first - Sheherezade, all curved bodies and fantastic music.