Thursday, December 17, 2009

Playing with shapes

I have had this vague outline in my head for a while and finally today I found a few minutes to get her more or less on paper. I think this may be the first of several versions, I wanted flowing draperies and a feeling of style. I dont think I have quite done yet what I want but it is a start.
So nice to get back to doing a bit with paint.
Yesterday was stinking hot and we were in Adelaide, my lunch was canceled as two couldnt make it so we decided as it was such a hot day we would try again for the new year.
The days have been quite comfortable with lovely weather and then we get an over 40c day and then last night we had rain and a thunderstorm and today it is really cold and all you want to do is sleep!
Any way some presents have been delivered, I saw both my sisters and my mother who was quite bright while I was there, although she complains I am the only one of the three of us who talks to her and tells her how the family is.
I have made the biscotti so I think that is the last of the baking I have to do before we leave.
This evening we are delivering more presents and having a drink with friends, we only catch up about once a year, terrible when we dont live very far away.
John has had continuous meetings, final once for the year etc and half my children seem to be down with a terrible cold so I hope I dont get it.
None of us seem to have much money so it will be interesting to see what we do for Christmas presents. I think almost all of mine have been made, at least they seem to like the jewellery I make and at least I can still make it. So far the ageing joints havent fallen into a complete heap, at least if I keep them moving my hands seem to be ok but there have been mornings when I have woken and wondered if they will ever work again.
I am not sure this 70 bit is a good thing I have just had a card from an old school
friend who fell over a garden stake and broke bones in her foot and is still in trouble with it, she is bemoaning the fate of her garden but does say she has read a lot of good books and has been doing jigsaw puzzles which she felt terribly guilty about until she read that Margaret Drabble has written a book on jigsaws and always has one or two on the go, I love them but always feel guilty too about spending time on a jigsaw when there is so much more I can do.
I have been having a lovely time visiting blogs and seeing how the northern hemisphere bloggers are getting ready for Christmas with snow and cold and thinking how different it is here, possibly beach and seafood for us although many still have turkey and hot lunches I am afraid that if we have hot we have an evening meal and usually if it is not stinking hot we have roast duck, when we had geese it was always a goose, but you need more than 2 for a goose and home grown ones were always better than bought.
I may have used this Haiku by Basho before but it is so beautifully evocative
Over the ruins
of a shrine,
a chestnut tree
still lifts its candles.


Wanda said...

Being from the Northern Hemisphere, I too have come to realize the differences our weather brings to our shared holidays. Love your painting Penny!

Debra said...

I also love your art work. I found you at Wanda's blog-I hope you don't mind me commenting...You have inspired me to get out my sketch books, and do at least one sketch a day. I love your color work, and the black and white.
We have lots of snow here, and it's under 20 degrees F. Don't know how that translates in C.
It's nice to visit you!

Sometimes Sophia said...

Lovely blog. So glad I stopped by on this snowy evening to hear you tell of beaches and seafood. Longing for a home-grown goose. ;)

Liked your picture. You inspire me.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Before you head off somewhere else for Christmas, may I wish you all the best for a lovely time in the coming week and New Year. You keep up with your blog which is remarkable in that your life is so full of activities!

ArtPropelled said...

Your painting has a lovely mellow feel to it.
Don't feel guilty about doing jigsaws, Penny. When I took my mom to the doctor in the early days of Alzheimers we were told that jigsaws, crosswords, computer games etc were good for keeping the mind sharp and Alzheimers at bay. The earlier one starts exercising the mind the better. My computer is my exercise .... not too sure about the jigsaws.