Sunday, December 06, 2009

I have been busy.

There is a bit of this and a bit of that in this blog post. We went for a walk late this afternoon and I did this quick sketch of Wright Island and the beach and a few granite boulders, the beach has a lot of sand on it here which normally it doesnt, we have had a few high tides but also the new breakwater built for the boat landing facility may be making a difference.
It was a glorious day and afternoon with boats in the bay, a cool breeze and if my knee wasnt being such a pain I really would have enjoyed it more. I am beginning to think that falling off that table was the worst thing I could have done.
Then there is Oscar, about to jump into a sink full of fish, he was so excited he made a great lunge, as you can see John had a good day fishing and we had a plaki (Greek fish dish) for dinner last night.
Then there is a photo of what I did yesterday, as well as feed ponies, I made 3 tote bags to put Christmas presents in instead of buying paper bags , I aim to make a few more, they were so easy and they are lined. I am using up lots of material that I dont use.
Then the first of about 4 boiled fruitcakes that I am making as Christmas presents for the children. This one has rum in it and came out really well, so easy and it is called a boiled fruit cake as you boil together the sugar, butter, fruit, golden syrup and rum for a minute. Then make as a normal cake, it is always so rich and not in the least bit dry. Yum.
If you want more photos go to my other blog here.
Finally tonight's Haiku is by Shiki
Frog- school competing
with lark-school
softly at dusk
in the art of song.


ArtPropelled said...

You certainly have been busy! Delicious looking fruit cake! My husband was interested to see that you also catch Shad (Tailor) in your neck of the woods.

annie said...

Great catch of Oscar surveying the other great catch. So that's shad...I haven't had shad since I was a child and we caught them around my childhood home in Connecticut. I loved the roe.

I love fruitcake, also, and that looks delicious. You don't let that knee stop you from a very productive life--happy sketches of the day and walks through lovely landscapes and seascapes. No,I agree, falling off tables is not a good addition to our agenda.

I lose count,is it two new foal, now? Oh, almost forgot--I especially love this haiku...

The Weaver of Grass said...

Like those tote bags Penny - you say they are easy - don't look it to me! Love the cat.

Hashi said...

Boiled fruit cake yum yum.

I'm wrapping everything in cloth
this year. I bought a green patterned sheet from the op shop ($2.99) and a ball of sparkly red yarn. Done!