Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to a 2nd childhood!

I am still full of cold and although I have managed to do a few cleaning jobs around the house I get very short of breath if I do too much (like shopping this morning) and then I get bad tempered.
Not a good look.
So I have been playing with anything that comes into my head and the bird scene is one, any child could do this and this is about as much as I am able to do.
I had been playing with a few other simple prints using the meat trays and the one I had done to take to Broken Hill as a demo I couldnt find so made another, not as good but it was really only to show what you can do if pressed for time and money.
I could have done a better job of printing this one.
We have had the best rain for the year last night and this morning, but it is cold which is aggravating my poor nose, I need to tidy my work room so I can find things but everytime I bend down my nose streams so it is taking longer than I would like it to.
Perhaps tomorrow it will have gone.
A cold day,
a streaming nose,
oh woe is me.
The fire beckons.


Wanda said...

Lovely sketch Penny, love the house on the hill. Take care that the cold doesn't developed into something worse...sinus infections and pneumonia creep in easily sometimes! Being short of breath made me a little concerned...

Enjoy the fire!

Julie said...

I LOVE this top sketch! Now...I must find out how you do the printing with the meat trays...looks like something I might be able to try!!! I like the printings and the color you chose!