Friday, June 25, 2010

Prints from Broken Hill

I have a terrible cold and feel well terrible, but I thought even though these are not mine that it would be fun to put up two prints that I bought in Broken Hill.
They are a father and daughter, first Pro Hart, who is not alive any more but has a fabulous gallery there and the flowers are his daughter Julie Hart, she does a lot of the other paintings very like her father but I rather liked these flowers.
Pro was renowned for his dragonflies, ants and his caricatures of life around Broken Hill.
I am off to bed my head is splitting and my throat is aching.


PamelaB said...

so sorry you are poorly, best wishes.

Wanda said...

the paintings you bought are extremely pretty...hope you fee better after a night's rest, Penny!
Take care...

Julie said...

Oh dear Penny...please feel better soon. I abhor colds and flu...having had two bouts of flu in the last 6 months! See the doctor if you need to...don't take chances!

These are lovely paintings!!! I like the top one a lot!