Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seeds, print and draw

Over at Sophie Munn's blog here there is a homage to seed, calling for artists and textile artists to send a postcard to the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane.
Have a look at her blog and see what it is all about.
I am not sure that I will do anything but I have been playing around with both drawing and using the simple printing done with meat trays to see what happens.
I am still full of cold and this filled in a few quiet hours, but as I said, will I take it further?I do feel a bit better but certainly not as good as I would like to be.

Seeds, the beginning of life,
small capsules ,
from which
so much emerges.


Julie said...

You can do so much while feeling crappy! Amazing! These are wonderful...I say go for it with the seed challenge, if you desire. Maybe when you feel even better???? What about one of your famous gelatin prints...could you do something in that form? I still want to try that one of these days!

Sophie Munns said...

Oh Penny...its not really a competition...I hate the idea of choosing a favourite....
Its really to make people think abut seeds...and why they matter so much especially now...
Hope you are feeling SO MUCH better very soon...
and then you can potter and semnd a little something...?? seeds from SA?
besy wishes,

The Weaver of Grass said...

Nice pages from your sketchbook Penny.
Sorry about the cold. Both of us have had colds and coughs which have gone on for two or three weeks. Only now are they beginning to get better. Maybe the bug has crossed the world. Get well soon.