Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Manna Hill

I am nopt sure what this is but we stopped at Manna Hill to take some photos and it caught my eye, maybe a mine head, maybe a bore I am not sure.
I feel a lot better today.
But maybe madness has set in as I spent the whole day defrosting the freezer, on a freezing cold day, but at least it is done and at the same time while waiting for ice to melt I tidied up my work room, I got one table cleared, then another, then began on the bed, and now none are clear!
I hope to get it all sorted tomorrow.
I think the rearranging will make things look better, I just wish I hadnt started on collage as I have so much paper now even though I did throw out a lot.
No I will not keep all that stuff!!
Of course my back is now telling me it doesnt approve, hope it is ok tomorrow.


Julie said...

My go from sick to super crazy remind me of someone...oh, own Mother!!! She is crazy like a frog, just like you! :)

Will you come over and see the sketch I made of a White Ibis who visited my yard? I want your honest opinion of how I did with it. Thanks!!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
I had a day off this week feeling a bit crook. Meanwhile Peceli defrosted the fridge which was a great help. Lucky I felt better 24 hours later. We have a house full tonight for dinner but each family brings something to share.