Thursday, June 03, 2010

Last sketches

We head for home tomorrow, a good 9 hour trip by the time we have stopped for lunch and fuel, so I am slowly packing but it is a simply stunning day, too good to be inside for long.
This morning we went into the Coffin Bay national Park and went throgh tp Golden Beach and walked down.
The correa was in flower every where and although this is a pretty poor sketch at least I did something.
We came back and had a coffee and a bit of lemon merangue pie between us at the oyster beds and I sketched the next one from where we were sitting outside, I really didnt want to move.
We had a lovely meal and catch up with friends last night at the yacht club, they have only just returned from overseas so it was great to see them.
As we walked out to go home, John and Iwere walking there were three kangaroos feeding on the lawn in front, my camera didnt do a good job of taking a photo.
Well back to a bit more packing, we want to get off early tomorrow and will have to clean the house before we go.
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Wanda said...

I think the correa sketch has a sweetness to it!

Karin Bartimole said...

lovely final sketches - your memories will be all be so well embraced! Safe travels...