Monday, June 14, 2010


We had a wonderful walk along Parsons Beach this morning and if you want to see the photos go to my other blog on the side bar.
I had fun last night while tv doing a few quick sketches from photos, and I painted them today when I had a couple of spare minutes. The girls, should be 4 and a rooster but not in the photo I took, and the fungi we saw the other day growing in a crack in the gutter.
We had a really hard frost last night, no water in the bathroom but a lovely sunny day today.
I am busy busy, trying to get everything into the least number of bags to take to Broken Hill. After all I do have two other passengers and they and their luggage has to fit in somewhere.
I think we will have another frost tonight, it is getting cold out here already.
Walking the beach
at Parsons.
Sun and surf and yellow sand
fishermen and surfers,


layers said...

your sketches are so whimsical and 'in the moment'

Julie said...

Love your chickens!!! You do them so well. Is this watercolor in them??? Pretty shades of natural colors!

Wanda said...

You must have a wonderful collection of sketches, Penny!