Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fantasy Land

I never know quite what my pen is going to do but here is a bit of nonsense.
I quite like it, not straight, leaning, perhaps a bit Italian.
Terribly cold this morning and I had to wait until the sun had melted the ice from the frost before I had a shower as we had no water at all.
A good excuse to stay warm in bed.
Then the clouds came up, I hate it when that happens as the day stays cold and miserable.
Thank heavens for a fire.
Frosty mornings,
water frozen,
blackbirds singing.
It is warm in bed.


Gail P said...

I like it too! Reminds me of Europe. Freezing pipes sure doesn't sound pleasant. take care!

ArtPropelled said...

Perfect haiku for such an occasion. Brrrrr. We were without water for 2 days but not due to frozen pipes.

Penny this is my favourite of all your sketches. i love the wonkiness and my first thought was Sacre Coeur and Maurice Utrillo until I saw the Venetian type bridge. Really a charming sketch!