Tuesday, June 01, 2010

shell and water

Sue and M went for a walk yesterday on long beach and brought back this lovely whelk shell which I sketched.
Yesterday I walked along the oyster track and this morning I walked the other way.
I am having a lot of trouble with my knee, I think maybe it is all the stairs but then I have also been told that that should strenghthen it. I dont know but I am not managing things as well as I would like. My knee support on and painkillers the joys of getting old.
Today was washing of a sort day(by that I mean several loads but odds and ends) and although cloudy we are having a nice amount of sunshine as well.
I love these fish cleaning tables, wherever there is room in front of a shack there is a table, it is pretty obvious who are the mad keen fishermen.
I have been having fun noting down some of the shack names, there are the obvious like The Shack, given to a new and huge house! We are in Pebbles, pretty mundane, but then friends have one called Sea Urchin and there is of course Seagulls. More to come as I walk the road instead of the track.
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Julie said...

That shell is so pretty!!! Do you keep all of your sketches??? Or just document on blog???

Karin Bartimole said...

lovely sketches. and I enjoy feeling myself being taken on a walk with you, observing fish cleaning, seeing the old worn tables, purely utilitarian, warn by use and weather...
wishing you relief from pain. Balance is hard to find with these things - use vs rest. Are you keeping it elevated when not in use? Icing? perhaps these things might help in between stair climbing! Of course, I know how such advice goes, after three back surgeries myself, some things just are what they are, and they hurt! I'm sure you know your body better than anyone. Wishing you wellness, Karin

Karin Bartimole said...

oops! that should have been "worn" not "warn"!

ArtPropelled said...

Sorry your knee is giving you a hard time Penny. Very frustrating! Glad you have your sketching. I love the shell.