Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tree with owls and pots

Just to prove that I am home and playing a bit.
Actually it has been several days of trying to get the house in order, with only two in it I am constantly being amazed at how filthy it gets.
It has rained, it is now cold and wet and of course people will track mud and wet into the house. Sometimes I wonder why I wash the floors.
Any way, after a day of 'deep cleaning'. in other words not flicking a duster around but actually dusting everything in the house I needed a break and this is what came out of my head!
If I only had some cupboards a lot of stuff would go into them. John thinks a garage sale would be more appropriate.
This is a huge, inconvenient house with far too much stuff in it. I have just added a heap of new shells and rocks, what a dill!
Winter rains
mud on floors
a new beginning.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Like the tree penny. Yes we too live in a big house with just the two of us, and yes it does get mud trampled in and things left about. That's life I suppose but like you sometimes I wish for somewhere smaller.

Julie said...

Neat haiku to go with your situation. I hear you on housework...it NEVER FREAKIN ENDS!! I am sick of it. Much rather be outside in garden or playing with grandkids!!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
It is so cold that I'm staying indoors mostly, and my youngest son and I did wonders with the computer room, throwing out stuff, but I'm slow as I tend to read old files/stories/poems but I've found some lost things too! I've thrown out about 10% of my stuff and 90% of Peceli's old files while he's away in the sunny South Pacific!

joven said...

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