Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is it a scribble?

Well no its peas, I have some growing in a tub by the back door close handy so the pea cocks dont eat them, although they have been eying them off and they have eaten down a tub I had full of bulbs that had just started to throw out leaves, I dont think I thought they would eat ranunculi but they have.
Very cold, very windy, gale warnings today and it is blowing again tonight.
We hope for rain.
No blogging for a while, I may get the notebook to do its thing while I am in Broken Hill but then again it may not.
I will be in Adelaide tomorrow night and see my mother.
I have just watched Julia and Julie on a video, lovely film, especially some of the shots of Paris, and the bits about blogging and recipes and food.
Remember Paris?
The seven story buildings,
the cafe, and the coffee?
People watching.


Merisi said...

I like the drawing a lot!

I did not know peacocks are such gourmands, eaten the ranunculi! *tsktsk*

I loved Julie and Julia (I loved the real Julia a whole lot, infact, I learned cooking while watching reruns of her shows and cookbooks. Have your read her memoirs of her time in France? Really good reading.

Peter Shaw Lydhanson said...

Greetings from me!
What a nice blog! I like your blog, it's nice reading every post you wrote here, your pictures, it's a roman abstract for me! It's cool!
I'll keep read your previous post, it's attracted me! Well...
Keep posting!

Julie said...

That movie was just the cutest !!!

Love your pea sketch! Those peacocks are pesky!!!

Have a good time visiting your Mom...make it as fun as possible!!! God bless her...and you!

xoxo- Julie