Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I have my grand daughter Celina staying for a few days, I had a lot of bookwork to do this morning and she drew and looked for stuff to print off on the computer. This afternoon we took the pugs aup the big hill behind the house, two paddocks away, she raced around in her new rubber boots and I slogged my way up. I am trying to diet and all I could think of when I reached the top was this, a cafe in Queensland, so when I got back that is what I sketched. A bit better than yesterday's appalling effort.
I am still into pencil.


Alison said...

Nice drawing - I think pencil is very expressive. Maybe we should run away to Queensland and do cafes for a week. I'd like to escape the phone cos everytime it rings, I think it's Dad to tell me Mum's died -but of course I can't go anywhere just now.

Penny said...

Oh Alison, I am thinking of you. Running away any where sounds wonderful but yes, responsibilites!

Julie Oakley said...

Now is your granddaughter having greater luck finding puddles for her boots than xavier is?
Alison I'm also thinking of you.