Thursday, July 06, 2006

View across the paddocks

This is the view from our back gate across the paddocks to the neighbours. I am hoping to get this done in paint but was my preliminary for getting lights and darks.
I have to say that I cheated with this, my 66 year old knees dont much like standing for too long in this cold weather so I took a photo and then sketched it.
I did walk actually quite a long one in the evening but the light is usually going by then.
Having been told by my doctor today what a good girl I have been keeping my diabetes right down, I have to say that walking everyday and watching what I eat obviously helps. I just dont seem to be losing much weight!


Bellezza said...

Penny, I like your pictures and comments very much. You have a lovely, fresh perspective.

Alison said...

Very nice - you've got a good range of values - one could almost imagine it was snow clad hills just right for sledging but I suppose it's winter-brown grass?

Julie Oakley said...

I love the way that trees and shrubs show the contour of the land, which you've caught here

Tony F said...

Yep, this is exactly how this area 'feels'. Lovely sketch Penny