Friday, July 14, 2006


Slip slip slide. That is what I have been doing tonight, very wet, and very cold. The only ones enjoying the weather are the wood duck and all the other ducks on every bit of water, including puddles on the farm.
The first time I saw these ducks was in the very early 60's when one appeared while I was feeding the chooks and we had to look it up to see what it was. Now there are hundreds and hundreds of them, they are probably the most domesticated of our native ducks. The book describes them as a maned goose or wood duck and they do look a bit like a little goose. They nest in the hollows of the trees around here.
I am going through a draw in pencil stage at the moment, trying to get shadings etc, so maybe no colour for a while. Not much colour around the place any way today. Rain and Gloom and about 6 degrees.


Alison said...

very nice pencil drawing - I love this duck's slightly coy expression

Julie Oakley said...

Very nice. And what has effected the change in the numbers, a change in environment, climate change?

Penny said...

Hi Julie, I think they proliferated with good seasons, lots of water etc, and found they liked the fact that cities have lots of water and lawns (they eat grass)