Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rosella parrot

I am afraid that my walking has been sadly curtailed as it is so wet and cold, up to feed the ponies, in and out of the Toyota to open gates and feed ponies to come in wet and cold and with my wretched knees aching.
I think I made this rosella a bit too fat, and perhaps he should be greener on his back but they are the most incredible birds, such bright colours, although we have another variety which is not so colourful and also the young ones are mostly green.
They have been feeding on the heads of the dock, what thistles are left and interestingly the gaura heads that are left. Obviously the olives are ripe too as a heap flew out of those trees this morning. They are a real pest in orchards and that is why we have very little fruit from ours as they tend to eat the fruit when it is still green. They have a lovely bell like call.
I seem to be into birds at the moment but there are a lot around.

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Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL bird, Penny!!!! What color!! Super job on his sketch and I love learning about what he eats, too!