Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Celina's drawing

We went to Adelaide today, haircuts, my mother, Celina's great grandmother, and my sister, her great aunt. A lot of people she doesnt normally see. This was drawn in my mothers sitting room and it was the flowers in the white jug on her table. Well not the flowers that were in the jug but Celina's idea of what they should have been. I thought it was rather good for a 9 year old.
The walk as such didnt happen to day so I have fallen down on my resolve, unless you count feeding the ponies this morning but that isnt much of a walk.
Oh and Julie, yes she found lots of puddles to stamp in yesterday and I should have drawn those but I think at the moment I am feeling mentally drained and very very tired.


Julie Oakley said...

I think this is lovely, I'm sure Celina is learning from your great example. Next time you do an extra long walk it'll count for today won't it?

Alison said...

This picture reminds me of another vase of flowers done by a 9 year old - on a brown paper bag in the warsaw ghetto - I saw it at an exhibition here - how it was saved I don't know - children's drawings are so expressive.

Tony F said...

My goodness, your talent has been passed on! The artistic genes have revealed themselves again in Celina. Please cultivate her passions Penny.