Sunday, July 23, 2006

Opening of the cycle bridge

Today I know I did at least 9 km's!! I did the feeds early and we were in Victor by 10.30 for "breakfast" at Whalers, well John and I had a coffee each as our breakfast was at 7. We met up with friends, one is the Council's works manager who was organising the opening of the cycle bridge over the River Inman, Victor Harbor is bounded by two Rivers, the Inman to the west and the Hindmarsh to the east, and we have this fabulous dual bycicle, walking trail that now goes from the Bluff (Rosetta Head) all the way through to the neighbouring council and to Goolwa which is the mouth of the River Murray. If you google Victor Harbor and Goolwa I think you will find all about our area.
So after a leisurely breakfast, coffee, we registered and began the 4 km walk along to Kent Reserve, did that in 1/2 hour, walked over the new bridge, which I had done last week, socialised and then we had the opening and this is the bit just before the official opening, a large standard poodle, Peter, the works manager, the Rotary President as the bridge is to be called the Rotary Bridge as they did a huge amount of the financing, and leaning on the bridge itself, the sound man! We had our sausage sizzle and decided to walk back the 4 kms. Bonus was seeing a whale tail or fin not sure which near the Bluff.

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Alison said...

I think it's so special to glimpse whales so often. Good luck with your mother.