Saturday, July 22, 2006

Willunga farmers Market

This morning I went with John to Willunga, he had an official function, I am never invited to these and didnt want to be as I very rarely get to Willunga and they have a famous farmers market, its not very big but I had a lovely time wandering around and bought some succulents and a rabbit pie (which was very good) for lunch. Being mid winter there wasnt a lot of colour except the vendors and this stall selling fresh proteas.
Because it is in such a small area it was hard to find somewhere to sketch so I took photos and even they didnt come out very well, people moving in front of me, and all the chairs seemed to have bodies on them.
I walked for a good hour all around the town until John had finished. That should make up for a few skimpy walks.
I have another sketch done in Willunga and a bit about the town in my other blog BackValley seasons.


Lin said...

OH YES! I really love this one, PEnny -- colors so bright! And there is something so curious and appealing about a farmers market -- and you've captured that so well!

Alison said...

Yes lovely - the flowers look almost 3D - as if they're embroidered.