Tuesday, July 04, 2006


While I was going to feed the Cob stallion, not even through the back gate I saw this very red young fox ambling across the paddock from the calf paddocks. He was being harried by a crow and taking no notice of it or me but Jake suddenly saw him and took off. Well the ambling fox turned suddenly into a streaking, very fast fox. I had to walk what seemed like miles to get Jake back, so that was my walk for the day.
I did the very red one from sort of memory, he looks rather more dog like, and then looked for some photos and drew the black and white ones from them. Looking at photos my fox was very red all over, most of the photos had black tips to the tail.
I think foxes as with rabbits came to Australia on almost the first fleet, they have been here a long time and are regarded as vermin, although I once had a fox cub that I reared.
I am making sure that the chooks are locked up.


Julie Oakley said...

Amazing, who on earth let a fox onto the ships? Aren't they beautiful when they run, I've seen a fox about three times in the last five years. I think you did really well getting the shape so well from memory.

Alison said...

I love the colour - we have a lot of foxes round here - they come right into the inner city and kill all the chooks