Monday, July 03, 2006

Whales and seals in the bay

In the afternoon yesterday we decided on a late walk as we had watched the football on the televsion (our team won) so drove over to Pt Elliott to park and walk along the walkway around the point hoping to se the whales, even tho it was pretty rough and normally they go out to sea when the weather gets windy but we knew there were calves as well so hoped to see something, well we didnt see much, just a few blows of water and the dark shape of a back or two.
We decided to walk on a bit further and I suddenly saw what I thought were surfers in the water, only on further investigation to find about 8 seals playing around the rocks, rolling, jumping, flippering, they were gorgeous. All too fast for me to sketch but when I came home I did the best I could with remembered bodies in and out of the water. The seals have been very rare in our area but now there is hardly any net fishing done they are increasing and are another great tourist draw card.
The whale sketch I did while I was there, really only the bay with this black thing lying there, unfortunatly this would be a right whale, the humpbacks are much more fun as they do tail lobs and jump in the air but our normal whale is the right (called a right whale as it was the right one to kill for its blubber).
For years we were lucky to see any but now there are lots more coming in to breed and calve in our more sheltered areas.


Alison said...

Yes, and it was our team that lost! :)

Alison said...

I like your drawings - they may seem like a child's but it doesn't matter - children's drawings have a beautiful honesty about them and so do yours.

Julie Oakley said...

You lucky thing, sea and seals and whales. And don't get stuck on one drawing not being as good as another - I think with a blog it's the continuity, the story being told, the whole picture, that is so worthwhile and interesting. All of these drawings, good, bad or whatever are a wonderful story. Can you imagine how fantastic it would be to see a collection of similar drawings by your grandmother.