Monday, July 10, 2006

White faced heron

I walked last night and it was dark so I didnt get anything done except some reeds, today I went to painting class and learnt about brush strokes, very interesting, using large round brushes and rough paper.
I am now tired and slipped on a cow pat as I went to feed the cob stallion, no time to draw that! So what you have is a white faced heron, we always called them blue cranes when we were children, they are always around, usually only one, I did this one last night more or less from memory. Sorry about the doodles showing through behind, I did it in my doodle book! The reeds may show up tomorrow as I am racing to get feeds done both before and after I go into painting, and find a whole day quite draining. It was good tho' as there were only two of us today.

1 comment:

Alison said...

You've caught the shape quite beautifully - and I rather like the doodles showing through - makes it look as if the bird is musing upon fish, cats and other things