Sunday, July 22, 2007

Basham's Beach 2

I did this one from a photo I took yesterday. I know that is cheating a bit but at this time of the year its about the best I can do.
I am trying to get some of my proportions right, still not happy with what happened on that central jutting out bit, well not happy with quite a few bits, but happier with some of the other things I did to this one.
Looks better from further away.
Cold and overcast today so feels even colder. The dogs got a quick walk but then I watched the football and tried to get on with the little jumper I am knitting.


Keith said...

I am looking forward to the warm sun returning for you.

I like the vibrant blues... and variation of color for the land.

I wish I could visit clear blue waters.

Lin said...

AWESOME!!!! LOVE the colors and vibrancy!