Thursday, July 12, 2007


I was in Adelaide from late afternoon yesterday until mid morning this morning I had a night meeting and didnt want to drive home afterwards so stayed with a friend. Of course out of my environment I didnt sleep at all well.
She had these camellias on her kitchen table and after I had finished breakfast I did a quick sketch and coloured it when I got home .
They are lovely camellias pale pink, with a full ruffle of petals in the middle.
We walked for an hour and a half this morning around the suburbs and the old Insane asylum before 8 until nearly 9.30, cold and very fresh with the odd spot of rain.
I saw my mother on the way home who was going out for lunch and not sure she wanted to!
It drizzled and rained all the way home, not very pleasant.
I am tired and the house is freezing cold.


Keith said...

Walking through an old insane asylum under drizzling cold after a rough night's sleep, only to return to an icy house sounds blue to the bone. Yet warm camellias come sprouting through.

And you said you weren't a flower painter :-)

Keith said...

Actually, on a second look, the camellias look cold too!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Gosh, you can make a story about walking in rain near that asylum with its ghosts of poor souls!
However your camellias are cheery and lovely.
It was so cold here I only ran across the road to buy the Age and spent the day huddled near a heater reading 'Mister Pip'.

Kim (Keith's wife) said...

Wow - here it is oppressively hot with mosquitoes! Maybe we all need to move to a tropical island. :-)

Beautiful camellias.

Lin said...

Hi Penny!! Sleeplessness must agree with you -- the camellias are lovely -- as is the ornate door! GOOD JOB!!!

Tony F said...

Your camellias are an absolute perfection Penny! Amazing.