Friday, July 27, 2007

This morning

Back to watercolour and pen. This morning as I looked out of the bedroom window I saw very misty and damp hills and sky and the big plum tree in the orchard silhouetted against it all with a very wintry feel to it. I did the background in paint but had to get what I wanted of the tree in pen.
Thank you Tony for saying nice things about my heads, I am still playing with them but today this was so spectacular I had to try and do it.
The calves have been moved so there is no grain and the huge flock of white cockatoos have moved onto the neighbours hill and look like a huge white moving tapestry as they feed.
We are off to Melbourne to see the grand children early Sunday morning and although the lap top is going with us I dont know if I will be able to post until I get home.
Hope to go to the Art gallery and catch up with Wendy from Geelong while I am there.


Alison said...

Beautiful, Penny. I'm glad you have some green for a while.

Hashi said...

This is beautifully moody.

Keith said...

I like this one a lot. I especially like the way the top hill looks like it is blanketed in fog. The sticklike tree looks cold.

I hope you fair well caring for your mom, and hope you enjoy the time with your grandchildren.

Julie Oakley said...

I love this one Penny. Misty scenes can be so gorgeous. Isn't it great how how we get to meet real people after meeting on the internet?

Annie said...

I love misty mornings, Penny, and I just feel right in the middle of it, every time I look at this one-- lovely touches.