Wednesday, July 04, 2007


It has been so wet and windy today I have hardly managed to get outside and when I did I was nearly blown off my feet and was soaked.
S o why a fish? well want to paint a fish for our sunroom, in Acrylics as watercolour will fade out there and as I have never used acrylics before I thought that at least I could have a go and see if what I think I would like will work.
I love these mad fish that we used to see when we were skindiving so this from memory is what I painted, I dont think I quite got his stripes in the right place so probably a bit more investigation.
Any way on a day like this a fish seemed appropriate.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

These damp days - well, I think a fish is appropriate. Did you read that they were fishing in the streets of a town in Gippsland this week? I saw swans sailing along one street.
Our garden is almost waterlogged at present. Hard to believe the change in weather.

Keith said...

I like your fish. Looks like the acrylics worked well for you. Recently, I drew some fish that I watched in an aquarium.

It is really wet here too.

When the sun comes out, it feels like a sauna. You probably wouldn't mind that. :-)

Our garden is just about waterlogged too. There are mushrooms everywhere as well.