Saturday, July 21, 2007

Basham's Beach

This morning we collected the papers and went over to Bashams beach to see if we could see any whales, they are in the bay but I didnt see any so I tried to blow the cold away with a walk along the beach and a small sea scape. I keep practicing as boy they are not easy to do.
A lovely sunny day and far too nice to sit inside feeling miserable so I started pruning roses. I did get two wheelbarrows full of prunings and then gave up with bleeding hands.


Lin said...

Penny! Sheerly delightful! Color -- the sense of peacefulness, the white foam! FABULOUS!

Hashi said...

Very beachy! Lovely!

Annie said...

I love it when you do paintings and colored sketches, Penny. They are a delight.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Super colour. It's hard to do waves - cos they move too much, but you did well.
I hate pruning roses - I haven't done them yet so must find gloves and start. Going to a Christmas in July party today and have to take a present! Should be fun.
Are your plans to come to Melbourne still on track?