Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My rubber boots

I thought as I struggled in after walking the dogs to night and was taking off my boots that perhaps I should draw them. I dont think I realised how many fancy bits are on them. They are just big and heavy and as I put them on to go out I hope I have the right socks on that wont fall down around my heal as I walk.
Tonight I nearly lost them, my boots, in a very muddy part of the paddock I was walking in. And John is worried about the lack of rain! Farmers! They are never satisfied but I do know what he is worrying about as we still havent had rain for days on end to fill up the subsoil and what if it all stops too early. We need a couple of good years, not another in which the season ends too soon.


Lin said...

GREAT JOB on these, Penny~!!! I love that little nudge the right boot is giving the left!

We too haven't seen sufficient rain either -- and our farmers are very very worried -- gardeners are doing without and the crops are dry on the vines ... bad situation ..

Linda said...

Penny, I'm glad to hear that you are still getting a bit of rain, even if there's a break in it right now. Hopefully you all will be able to make up your deficit from the past years! I'm near Lin, and she's right -- we're way behind on rainfall now, and beginning to understand what it's like. Yikes!
Great boots -- super sketches earlier, too!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Boots made for muddy tracks. I lost a boot once in the snow - Snowy Mountains.
It is damp here, sometimes foggy, and the ground is soaked, but the catchment isn't really helping. The water supply for Geelong is still only have 16% full.

phthaloblu said...

There is a lot o character in those boots. Great job!