Sunday, July 08, 2007

Christies Beach jetty

I have had a frustrating few days, the computer went to be looked at and when it came back, as always the fellow has done something to it that means it is not the same as before and this time John spent all afternoon being frustrated as the scanner wouldnt speak to the computer and now I have to get in a totally different way.
This sketch was me trying to depict the wild seas on Thursday.
I have had an awful tummy bug and not feeling very well for a day either, perhaps I will feel up to doing something today.


Keith said...

Hope you feel better. I can sympathize with computer troubles as that is how I make my living.

I like drawing of the sea. Wonder if anybody is surfing in the cold big waves.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hope you are feeling better. We seem to have strong stomachs in our household even though we eat sometimes dodgy food bought at 'Not Quite Right'! Anyway thanks for the line drawing here and for the advice on our blog.

Penny said...

Hi Keith, there were quite a lot of people surfing but not there around the corner a bit as there was no reef to stop the surf. Here there is a reef that sort of protects the jetty. 2 jetties further up the gulf were damaged very badly, most built late 1880s I think.