Friday, July 20, 2007

Sunroom bits

I am progressively feeling worse with a pain in my chest from this wretched cold.I sat in the sun room with the heater on and sketched, very badly this funny little table my mother painted and gave me with the pots on and around it. The hanging doll is actually a clay figure that I think is supposed to be a wind chime but is very fragile so is hanging in here with another wind chime. they only chime if the wind is extremely strong.
Very cold overnight last night and was only 6 degrees at 10 am.
The last few years have been very mild in the winter so we have forgotten how cold we can get.


Anonymous said...

Just sending you a little bit of this warm weather we are having here at Portugal. Take care. Lovely drawing - I've a table like that.


Nancy said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog this morning and reading about your neighborhood - we are having a cool summer morning of 54 degrees! Would you like to trade one case of poison ivy and 54 degrees for a cold and 6 degrees? I could at least handle the 6 degrees!! :)