Sunday, July 08, 2007

Onkaparinga river

I am into pen sketches at the moment. this was taken at near the Estuary of the river after heavy rains.
Not mountains behind, they are supposed to be clouds. There was a solid bank of them and then whispy bits.
A very wet and cold day and not a lot done although I did walk the dogs and shopped and we had a coffee with our daughter and her partner who happened to be in Victor as well. Amazing who you see on a Sunday morning.
Had a look at the big dead pine tree that fell down behind the house, luckily the only damage was to a fence.

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Keith said...

You are hard core getting out in the cold wet stuff.

I just starting using pen & ink, and is actually how I stumbled on your blog doing a google search.

I went from dip-pens to these modern things.

A couple days ago I sifted through some drawings. This led me to try combining ink and charcoal, which I tried for the first time yesterday.