Monday, October 23, 2006

Bridge over the creek

Yesterday the computer was so slow I couldnt load anything, so here it is this morning.
I walked in the morning yesterday as John had gone fishing, and came home with some lovely big whiting.
At risk to life and limb I climbed down by the little bridge that goes over the Back Valley creek to a neighbours and there was this incredible picture, dark shadows and a splash of orange light. Not the best painting but does give the impression of what it was like.
I had a lovely long walk with Jake and had also taken my camera so I took photos of things I dont usually take, they may appear as sketches later on. Normally the road is pretty busy but on a Sunday morning it was quiet.


seesue said...

I'm loving this sketch. Is it the mistiness? the soft orange? Heck, I don't care, I just like it.

What do you mean you have to share a computer with someone? Yikes, that would be difficult at times.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nice free painting and beaut colour.
Our computer went funny yesterday - websites would open but not google blogs - then it was okay an hour later. Strange! Maybe my firewall didn't like something!

Alison said...

lovely colours - lucky you getting such fresh fish