Sunday, October 29, 2006

Old trycycle

I was doing another wander and poking around the back of the sheds today and came on this old trycycle, it isnt ours so I think one of the workmen must have brought it out to do some repair on. It had such a lovely shape I had to try and sketch it but me and wheels? I wouldnt want to ride on this one the way I have drawn it and somehow I got muddled with the far back wheel but any way here it is, a symbol of a bygone time, I think ones of this shape were around when I was a child.
As usual, I did it in a hurry as my day just went and suddenly it was late, you really would think I would manage my life better, after all there is only John and I to look after, hmm and two pugs, and a black kelpie cross and at the moment Spot, Tabby's dog as she is away for the weekend, as well as Oscar the cat and I dont know how many silk worms who keep hatching, not all together as they should but over weeks plus the chooks, pigeons and ponies having foals, yes perhaps that is why I live life on the run.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You are amazing - silkworms even! What a great little bike.
I must do a pic of a contraption in our back yard - a kind of three wheeler given to Rotary but never sent overseas as it looks so strange. A bike handbuilt from bits and pieces for a handicapped person. But kids that visit us here love it, race along the cement then pull the brake suddenly and then laugh.

Alison said...

I wished I had one of these when I was a child - kids who had them were so much higher than me on my little low slung thing - doesn't matter at all if it's all wonky - adds to the appeal actually.

Katherine said...

Great sketch penny! Those responsibilities for others just creep up on you if you don't keep your eyes pealed. ;)

Katherine said...
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Julie Oakley said...

We had one of these for Hugo - red and yellow - classic - we got it cheaply at the local bike auction.