Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A dilemma

Today was one of the worst days we have had for ages, absolutely blew and blew and was HOT I have had a walk tonight but I wanted to get this sketch up as I loved these row houses that i saw while in town. This is only about a third of them, we dont have row houses like this much in South Australia and I would have loved to have seen inside them. I am trying to find the book about the suburb they are in in the hope they will tell me something about them. They had long back gardens and a night cart lane behind but the fences were too high for me to see over. I think the ones on the ends were the ones to have as they had a bit more garden.
This was done in pen, standing sketching at the end of a morning walk. I love houses.
Oh the reason for the dilemma well I drew the EDM challenge too but put that on my other blog.


Lin said...

Nicely done, Penny!! And what a neat house!

paddysays said...

If its where I think it is I think I knw someone who lives there

Julie Oakley said...

Row houses - we call them terraced houses here - and we have plenty of them!