Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Echidna in my pots

Again this is not strictly a walk, but then I did walk out the gate by the back door and find this fellow making a dreadful mess moving my pots around and Jake, the dog having a heart attack about it. Well not a real heart attack but he wanted to show this fellow off and all it did was wedge its front further in among the heavy pots and only show its spiny top and tail. I dont think I have ever had one in the garden before, although we often have them nearby in the paddocks.
I took his photo and sketched him as well as I could. Quite a big older one with distinct yellow tips to his spines.
I have had a tiring day as I finally began to sort out all the stuff I took last week and put it away, a lovely lunch with my youngest daughter Tabby and her two girls Gaby and Celina for my Birthday, so my Birthday is spreading over the week.
I did walk the dogs out this evening but it is going to be 32 tomorrow and I am begining to think I will have to do morning walks as the evenings are full of watering the garden and getting dinner etc.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Fascinating visitor! Perhaps he/she was looking for water?
Do you share your drawings and observations with your grandchildren and get them drawing also?