Saturday, October 21, 2006


It was freezing cold tonight as I went for my walk and foolishly I had just popped on my sleevless vest and not a proper jacket, I think the wind was off the antartic.
I didnt know what I was going to do as I had hoped to paint earlier in the day and that was interrupted by family coming to talk about the new foal ( a dizzy little blonde bombshell who arrived just before lunch, her full sister is a multi champion and so is her mother so we hope this one will be too.)
So when I saw this collection of grasses in head along the fence I picked all the different ones and brought them home to draw.
I can see prairie grass, yorkshire fog (I think) and barley grass, barley grass is the bane of our lives, gets into your socks, the dogs eyes and ears, ponies eyes. Awful stuff.


Lin said...

Penny -- WONDERFUL!! Wonderful!!! I just love grasses when they're in seed! you did a great job with these!! I've been praying for rain for that area -- mercy, it so reminds me of the last two years here in NC.

Alison said...

Good idea for a drawing - it's only got to 14 here today - we had to light the fire again.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

A good idea to look at varieties of grass. Nice drawing.
Hey, wasn't it cold last night! Our Fiji visitors slept in the lounge room next to the heater last night. They fly back to Fiji tonight so I'm gonna miss the little four-year-old, she is so sweet - yet like her grandmother won't be bossed around!

Tony F said...

This is lovely Penny. Simple but perfect and elegant.