Friday, October 20, 2006

Roses on the fence

Well today we had overcast skies and actually a bit of misty rain, about 1 mm but it didnt last for very long. Has got a lot colder tonight though.
My roses are looking lovely and try as I might I couldnt really get these lookng right, they are a lovely little pink single rose that smothers itself on the fence, I cant remember its name, could be something like pink cushion. I am very partial to single roses. I also love the David Austin's but no rose lives very long here in our deep sand, mostly because I cant buy them on the right root stock.
We had another foal last night a Welsh Mountain colt, very strong and the girls say he hasnt stopped running so he is to be called Rivington Vroom his mother is Virginia and we name all foals with the first letter of the mothers name.
I felt very tired today, not sure if it was Wednesdays late night or the change in the weather! A long day of shopping probably didnt help either.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes, the roses are out. A week ago there were very few, now there are scores of white roses in the front garden.
It is cold and my Fiji family visiting are noticing it.

Lin said...