Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A corner of the garden

This is why I dont very often paint the garden, somehow I dont seem to get the look I am aiming for.
This had the light shining through the alocasia leaves with the hawthorn in flower and leaf and the geraniums flowering in the pots. Not quite on my walk, although when I come back from walking and come through the orchard after moving hoses this is what I see.
I spent most of yesterday doing boring things like washing sheets and all the ironing which had built up to a huge basket and needed to be got out of my sight.
Hot and windy John is now worrying about how much water I am using on the garden, as he quite rightly says, we dont normally water much at this time of the year.
I looked up cellulitis on the net as this is what my mother now has and dont much like the sound of it, especially at her age.
Generally a rather depressing day as I also heard bad news about a friend who has a brain tumour.


Jana Bouc said...

I like the sunny warmth in this painting, although it sounds like you need some rain, not more sunshine. I'm sorry to hear of all your difficulties. I hope things have lightened up for you and your loved ones.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You have so much potential to draw and paint over there!
Moving hoses around? We can only water with a hose twice a week for two hours and the plants are dying in the garden. The geraniums and pelagoniums however thrive.

Julie Oakley said...

This looks very cheerful. Quite often I think when you draw something that you particularly love the look of, the drawing looks worse to you because you are so aware of the loveliness of the original. So sorry to hear about your Mother and your friend. Naturally I got muddled up with 'cellulite' and thought 'what's the problem I've had that for years'.