Thursday, October 12, 2006

Still in the night cart lane

It was such a dreadful day today, 37 degrees, in October! and gale force winds and my eyes streamed and my head ached etc etc hay fever at its worst so I went shopping and came home too tired to do anything, finally roused myself and did this from a photo I took in one of the nightcart lanes, a garage door and this wonderful wooden door surrounded in grape vines, looked like something out of Italy.
Not really a walk at all today although I did gallop the dogs around the orchard while I turned on hoses and watered the pots, probably not a mile but it felt like it.
Adelaide overnight tomorrow, to a do at the Town Hall, John gets to wear his AM medals and I think I can still get into the beaded evening dress! (it is the shoes that worry me). So probably nothing until Saturday, hope to go to the Adelaide fresh food markets which are great.


Alison said...

I saw a lot of these lanes in Melbourne but didn't realize they were the old nightcart lanes. Lovely sketch. We're having the horrible hot winds now. Sigh

Julie Oakley said...

Yes it is a lovely sketch. Nightcarts? Were they to empty sewage tanks?

Penny said...

Hi Julie, no they were literally to remove human waste from the outside loo's. Only allowed to do it at night. So all the old parts of every town has these very narrow lanes that back onto houses. I imagine its the same in the UK.
Oh and you asked what paints I had used,watercolour but checkoslovakia,name Barry Unwin!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Oh the weather yesterday was so awful. So hot, blustery. Peceli gave up golf after 9 holes. I just flaked out most of the day. Good on you for even doing a drawing!
Those little lanes were cute in Hopetoun. We called ours Dunny Lane of course. (I always think of Penny Lane too.) They are in Geelong too, but people just use them for car access to back gates.
You getting dolled up eh - in a beaded dress! You and John no doubt have high status with his AM etc. My Dad had an honour something like that and he was a very humble kind of man. Got it for community service in Swan Hill.