Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A corner of the house

This started out as a quick sketch of my home made wind chime, made out of old forks and spoons and a very worn butter knife, sounds so much better than the bought ones but then I added a bit of the house and some pots and a table and the spade leaning against it and so it went on. This is the side of the house that I very often finish my walks at, I start out on the other side, perhaps one day I will draw all sorts of bits around the house and put it all together!
I quite like this one, I am liking the starkness of black and white as colour is frightening me a bit, I never seem to get it right except for some watercolour paintings. (The bare and stark ones without too much fussiness.)
There is actually a lot more greenery that I left out and things got moved to make a slightly better composition.
I walked twice yesterday, once with the dogs and once to see the foals close up, I dont take dogs with me then as they are likely to be stomped by irate mares.
Consequentially my knees and joints ached like all get out last night in bed, I dont think the cold night helped much either so I am not moving well this morning. I am begining to think that maybe I should get a single bed electric blanket so I can put it on when I need it, but I have never really liked electric blankets.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Using black and white is good here.
Your tin roof is just waiting for that rain eh?

Re electric blankets - beware. Yesterday was cold, I turned on the electric blanket for a nap in the afternoon (no, I don't have a siesta every day!) listened to the radio, then I could smell something burning! Yes! A small black hole had started and the beginning of real trouble - so now that electric blanket has just gotta go!

Julie Oakley said...

That wind chime is delightful. I know what you mean about colour - sometimes there's too much to play with - too many decisions to make. A friend of mine went to Ravensbourne art college to do graphic design many years ago and in the first term they were only allowed to use black, the next term they were allowed to introduce tone and in the third term they were allowed to introduce red. Only after that were they allowed to do full colour work. She reckoned it was a really good training because they really learnt to get the best out of one colour.

Alison said...

What a lovely homely windchime. I love my electric blanket - it's covered in fake sheepskin and you can hardly feel the wires at all. We do replace them regularly though.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I like the black and white. So many different perspectives here and lots going on. I think it came out very well.