Monday, December 11, 2006

Abalone shells

It was cooler in Victor in the afternoon yesterday but still hot and humid and uncomfortable at home so we went in to walk on the beach. I found these Abalone shells, only very small black lipped ones but they have the prettiest insides.
Back in the days when we were diving and there were no such things as permits for taking abalone we used to feast on them. They are wonderful sliced thinly and fried in olive oil with milled black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Food for the Gods. Shows my age too.
The beach we walked on had a dead whale wash ashore on it when we were first married, and I remember we went down to look at it. In those days, well over 40 years ago whales were a rarity in the area, not like now when they are a regular occurrence and I think the whole district turned out to look. It was a huge southern right and I think they had to bury the carcass which must have been a job and a half.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lovely glowing colours. Your walk and sketch each day certainly makes for observation of small things that stir up stories.
I have never seen a whale - in the flesh! But we have a super photo on the lounge room wall of a whale leaping. The kids gave us the picture on Christmas or birthday or something.

Penny said...

Wendy I find that my family are not much interested in what I do, but I hope that one day some of these bits of my life will come to the attention of my grandchildren and may be of interest.

Alison said...

Lovely little sketch - I've had abalone only once - soon after we came to Australia we went diving for it. Dad said to boil it for about 20 minutes - 45 minutes later it still was tough so we just had a nibble and threw it away. That was that! :)

Julie Oakley said...

Penny, love the sketch and the story. I also love hearing of yet another of Alison's Dad's disastrous culinary exploits.