Friday, December 15, 2006

Cocky gate

I said I was going to do gates! This is a dreaded cocky gate, dreaded because whatever you did you managed to pinch your fingers both opening and closing it, and as it had two barb wires it inevitably fell on your feet and tore your pants as it went down. Called a cocky gate because in the old days that was all a poor "cocky" (farmer) could afford. Usually from the malee where times were hard. I had trouble finding one still on the place as with the advent of large tractors they have all been replaced.
Basically it was like a piece of fence with a dropper to hold it up in the middle and a length of wood or pipe, attached to a wire, that went around the strainer post and back onto the gate, held to it with a circle of wire on the top barb.
Yesterday we had rain, lovely gentle rain, only 4 mm but wonderful, cool, clean and smelling wonderful. Now to get some more, which doesnt look as if it will happen for a while unfortunatly.