Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back Valley hills

I did this while I was out feeding ponies, it is looking across our sons property to the neighbours, once all of this was owned by us but not any more.
I was going to colour it but really the shade of brown becomes rather boring and I like the black and white at the moment.
The black dog has been sitting on my shoulder this week and I am finding it hard to get stuff done. I have been really pushing it as so much should be being done.
Today I go to a Christmas lunch, I hope that brightens my day.


Alison said...

This gives a great feel of the lie of the land - very quilterly too. I hope you had a good lunch

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I thought I had the monopoly on the black dog this week. Anyway, can't do much about Fiji stuff now - the guy with Post Traumatic Stress is now the President!
I might get back to optimistic drawing soon.
Christmas parties - yes, such fun but sometimes bizarre and not much to to with the real meaning.

Julie Oakley said...

Oh my goodness it must have been an amazing feeling to look out and think 'I own all of that' I don't mean in a materialistic way - I just always find the idea of owning and being the caretaker of a piece of nature - land, or an island, or a stream very humbling. Course with my pocket handkerchief of a garden I don't get very humbled ;)

Now just tell that black dog that he isn't welcome. I told mine to sod off while I got on with a bit of housework today and now those two rooms are far too clean and tidy to let any black dogs into them. He has slunk off into the other messy rooms in the house so looks as if I'll have to sort them out to get rid of him completely.

Penny said...

Thank you all, and Julie I love what you have said, I must remember that, and yes, that is usually my way of dealing with things. Clean!