Friday, December 08, 2006

Shopping mall lunch

we have just got a new computer, a lap top for John and at the moment that is what we are on, I hate typing on a flat bed, I keep hitting all the wrong things and I think I am too low. I also used the new scanner and have managed to get this very quick sketch on an angle, there were so many people when we finally stopped for lunch between visiting my mother and the dentist, we were going forJapanese but it was very much a hybrid Japanese obento. Any way I tried to sketch people, something I do very badly and in public, dont mind doing it outside but inside I feel I am really being looked at. Oh dear now I have done something and my sketch has moved. I will stop in a minute, just to say that we had 40 degrees here today and looks like at least 41 tomorrow with high winds, we were going cockling but I think we need to be close to home. Everything in the garden has wilted and it is still too hot to water. Tiring.


Alison said...

This still gives a feel of people in the food hall - waiting, choosing, sitting down to eat. You are having horrible weather. At least our heat is usually very dry, not oppressively humid like Sydney.

Tom G said...

Great loose sketch. I like it.

I bet the laptop will grow on you ;)