Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Pageant

This was done last night in a great hurry and slightly touched up when I got home, we went in for a pre Christmas drink with friends in the town and then walked down to see the pageant, bigger and better than ever and I tried to get this done with people jostling me. The final float with the band in front, managed one man! and the big truck with Father Christmas and the fairy on the rocking horse, not sure why but we always seem to have a fairy on a horse.
We then wandered down the main street meeting friends and some family and on to the pub for a meal and walk up the hill in the dark to friends house and our car and home. I tried to take some photos but ran out of battery so I will see what I got. A great community night.
Had a giggle at our new Mayor wearing next to nothing and the Mayoral Chain, she is going to be different, but at least she is enthusiastic and willing to join in, not like the last one.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Seems like you live in a great place with a sense community and a spirit of place. How big is Victor Harbour or where you live?

Alison said...

Maybe this will work as google is not asking for an ID and then refusing to recognise it - I can't imagine the mayor wearing little more than the mayorial chain? - I think you should do a sketch - I don't know anywhere else in Oz that they have Christmas parades.

Penny said...

Alison every small town in SA has a Christmas pageant, probably because Adelaide has the big one, used to be John Martins but that went years ago now it is whoever will pay naming rights. Actually the Mayor was wearing shorts and a sleevless not much top, but it looked rather like she had very little on.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It's me again. Please do a drawing of the mayor in her shorts and sleeveless not much top!

Julie Oakley said...

Love the mental picture you created of the Mayor!