Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pot plant

This is a large pot of succulents on my front terrace, It may survive. Part of my evening ritual at the moment is watering the pots, it probably doesnt come under walking but at the moment I walk the dogs aroung the paddock out the back, and feed three ponies by the back gate, do the rounds of hoses that I can turn on in the 2 acres of garden that probably wont ssurvive. Then I water the pots, and that may be all that I keep, the big pots who have more hope of survival than the small ones. I noticed this morning that all the more advanced mulberries on the tree have shrivelled in last weeks heat. Summer pudding made with mulberries is just the best so I hope the ones that were less advanced may ripen, if the birds dont get them first.

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