Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cast iron gate

I think I originally thought this was a wrought iron gate until I realised my mistake and it is cast. I went to visit a friend yesterday and we spent about an hour out looking at her ponies and this was on the entrance to one of her neighbours properties so as it was a different gate I sketched it. My friends think I am very strange. The entrance as you can see has two gates, the old original one and then a younger more modern style welded up and added so thar large machinery can get through. While I am about it I should draw some stock ramps. I love these cast gates but we have none. Hmm wonder where I can find one!
No more sketches up until I get back from Kangaroo Islans around the 26th but with the new lap top will be able to keep in contact. Seasons greetings to you all and stay safe and happy.


Alison said...

There must be some way you can develop these gate pictures - a screen print maybee on fabric or paper. I love the shapes and gates, because they open and shut, have a mysterious quality about them. I hope you have a good Christmas.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Have a lovely holiday on the island Penny. Yeah, put your gate pics together sometime.
There's a lot of symbolism in gates, but of course for cockeys on the land, usefulness comes first to philosophy!

Julie Oakley said...

Have a lovely time away Penny. And I do so like seeing a series.